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Waste reduction

Application Deadline:

In the City of Tel-Aviv Yafo approx. 1210 tons of waste is being produced per day, by its residents and many commuters (more than twice as much as the amount of residents).

After focusing a lot on in the recent years on different methods and strategies of waste management, we have managed to reduce the part of waste sent to landfill to 60.7% (compared to 83.3% in 2015).

We have reached this huge progress thanks to efforts in the fields of reusing, recycling, composting and mainly by investing in state of the art waste facilities at the end, such as the RDF plant in “hiriya” site, in the outskirts of the city. 


Still our main goal is to significantly increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill.

Our focus will be on 3 kinds of action to which we are looking for solutions:

  • Reduction– Behavioral change of residents and visitors, both in households and businesses around the city in order to reduce the generation of waste to begin with.

  • Reuse– Smart reuse solutions to reduce the amount of waste

  • Recycle– Efficient waste sorting, local waste treatment solution, at source and in the end.

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