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City Raptor 2022: Preventing bicycle theft

Jun 30, 2022

Application Deadline:

This call for startups is part of the EIT Urban Mobility's City Raptor Program 2022, run in collaboration with Carnet.

Every 18 minutes a bicycle or scooter is stolen in Tel Aviv. Theft is ranked as the second most important reason for not using micro mobility. The city wants to address this pain point so that micro and active mobility users feel their vehicles are secure and ridership grows.

Solution objectives

The solution should meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Providing secure parking facilities or mitigation

  • Theft Prevention solutions: Education/ Detterence/ Law-Enforcement

  • Retreiving vehicles post-theft

Solution impact

The solution should target at least one of the following impacts:

  • Marketed Innovations

  • City engagements in proposal

  • Designed/Tested Innovations

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