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City Raptor 2022: Pedestrian safety

Jun 30, 2022

Application Deadline:

This call for startups is part of the EIT Urban Mobility's City Raptor Program 2022, run in collaboration with Carnet.

In 2020 pedestrian constituted 16% of all road users.

The city’s goal is to increase the percentage to 20% by 2030. According to the OECD, Israel has a higher casualty rate of pedestrians, than the OECD average. The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is leading a mobility strategy to “tip the pyramid”.

The strategy aims to prioritise pedestrians to increase walkability, promote shared mobility and the use of public transport, and boost micro mobility uptake.

This holistic strategy has at its core the provision feasible alternatives to car ownership. One of the key lines of action for the city follows the need to ensure pedestrians are safe from harm, and consequently reduce the alarming number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Solution objectives

The solution should meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Collect and analyse data regarding pedestrians’ preferences and travel behavior: routes, crossing points, walking patterns, etc.

  • Alert drivers, as well as pedestrians, in real time about potential accidents

  • Implement traffic management solutions focusing on protecting pedestrians in vulnerable locations (such as intersections).

Solution impact

The solution should target at least one of the following impacts:

  • Marketed Innovations

  • City engagements in proposal

  • Designed/Tested Innovations

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