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Senior citizens' loneliness

Jan 31, 2019

Application Deadline:

The dramatic increase in life expectancy poses significant challenges for our senior citizens.

We are looking for startups that can help us improve Senior Citizens’ day-to-day lives, particularly focusing on the following areas:



Loneliness has its adverse effects on the elderly, resulting in functional decline, physically as well as mentally. With 35% of Israeli seniors reporting loneliness, this is clearly an epidemic requiring our attention.

We find interest in technologies and platforms that enable the creation of social interactions between the elderly and people around them, young and old, be it family or neighbors.

We should not forget that this is not just about seniors in need of help. It is also about retired professionals who can contribute back to the community with their knowledge, experience and time.

Aging at Home

More and more seniors choose to live at home, over retirement homes, senior or assisted living.

However, for the independent senior, beyond loneliness issues, this trend also poses some challenges from communicating with care givers in times of need and emergency, to access to municipal and other public services when leaving home becomes more difficult.

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